Price wars with Mary !

Is your cake maker registered ? If not, why not ? Being registered means that hygiene levels and safe food handling are the main priority - it is a legal requirement that anyone who serves or sells food is registered with their local council environmental health ! It is not enough to say ‘I’m a hobby baker, I only charge for ingredients!’ If you advertise on social media ( have a cake page ) then it is classed as advertising and you are deemed to be operating as a business and not ‘occasionally baking cakes for friends or family members for no financial gain’ If your cake Maker isn’t registered, there can only be a few reasons why ; They are working on the side and not declaring their income They don’t think their kitchen is clean enough for an inspection They are claiming benefits and don’t want to get caught As a legitimate business I can’t compete with Mary who charges one hundred pounds for a three tier wedding cake, because she only ‘does it for fun’ .... I pay business insurance, public liability insurance and take this cake making lark seriously. Please support local businesses who are trying to make an honest living and please don’t ask me to match the price of someone who makes fairy cakes once a week for her kids but has quoted you a price for a four tier elaborate wedding cake having never levelled or stacked a cake in her life before ! 😂😂 It’s true what they say - You get what you pay for 😉

Article about types of bakers  Very interesting read for cake makers 😉 

Check here if a business is registered  have a mooch for your local Chinese, pub or cake maker 😉 

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