Vegan black bean chilli dip

This morning on sandgrounder radio we did a blind taste test for foodie Thursday and I made Nella a vegan black bean chilli dish ( called a dip, but you could easily have as a main dish instead of using mince in normal chilli ) The recipe I used was from this lady

And I substituted a few things ..... I added chipotle paste rather than the actual chipotle chillies minced and I used 1/2 a teaspoon ( but you could add more ) I used a ready made chilli paste ( squeeze tube ) and used 1/2 a teaspoon but again you could use more ! I used a tinned of normal sweetcorn I added an additional tin of red kidney beans as I felt it needed bulking out a bit ! I used vegan cheese - but you could use whatever you wanted ! And I used hardly any, but be as glutinous as you like 😉

I forgot to put the tinned tomatoes in and it was absolutely fine without 😂😂

Oh and I couldn’t find my processor this morning so used a hand blender for the first bit 

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