Cheap fun in the sun !

We've had a national trust membership for a couple of years now.... not because we like being cultural or enjoy visiting stately homes or anything, but because it means we can go to so many places and park for free 😂😂. Mainly formby pinewoods and the beach !

I pay monthly by direct debit and as a single adult I can have upto 10 children on my card for £5.95 a month 😳. ( not sure why I'd be silly enough to have 10 kids, when I struggle with the two I've got 😂😉) it costs £4.50 to park at the pinewoods so I figure if we go twice a month it's worth it ! But not only that, there are 500 places in the UK that you can visit for free so it's definitely worth having the card in the car incase you go anywhere and spot a national trust place! 

Formby pinewoods is lovely, nice and quiet first thing in the morning ( I can't stand places full of kids haha so we go when it first opens and generally are the only people wandering at that time !) and it's a lovely stroll through to the beach with plenty of squirrels to see on the way ( be quiet and you can literally hear them scrambling up the trees  before you see them)   - or you can move your car and park right at the entrance to the beach 😉. Beware though if it's a sunny day you will struggle to get in after 10.30am as it gets really busy with people going for a cheap day out to the beach 😉

At the moment if you sign up to direct debit you get a free pair of binoculars ( or enter code B17001 instead and get a £15 national trust gift card - most of the sites with Houses have gift shops and coffee shops 😉)   They will send you a temporary card via email so you can literally go straight away to any national trust site 😉

I'm not on commission but here's a link for more info

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