Homemade slime

Who knew slime was such a big deal eh ? Obviously I'm not down with the kids 😉 So today's cheap as chips activity was making homemade slime .... except one of my ingredients cost £9 !!!! Contact lense solution 😳. I'm tempted to go for an eye test just to get my money's worth now ! We trialled a few recipes with lots of disastrous results but this one was spot on👌🏻 This recipe makes one batch but you'll get tons from the bottle and the Z's have been kept busy all afternoon so it was worth it ! INGREDIENTS 4oz of PVA GLUE ( we got a big bottle in the range ) 1/2 tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda ( now most people no longer have massive tablespoons in the drawer so a link at the bottom for our fab measuring cups which do tablespoons 😉) 1 tablespoon of contact lense solution- now apperentely it has to contain boric acid ( thanks to my hairdresser for that gem 😂!) Food colouring METHOD Mix the PVA and bicarbonate Add food colouring Add contact lense solution and mix It automatically turns to slime Empty on to work top and kneed Add a drop more contact lense solution if too sticky DONT LET YOUR KIDS IN YOUR LIVING ROOM WITH THIS STUFF !! https://www.thelemontreebakery.com/product-page/measuring-cups-set-of-6 

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