Blackberry gin !

I will make it short and sweet ! 

This is easy peasy ! INGREDIENTS Equal quantities of blackberries, sugar and gin ( I picked 378 grams of blackberries so that's what I used for everything ) I bought a white bottle of Bombay sapphire for £12 in Asda and only used 1/3 of the bottle Sterilised bottles ( the ones I used had 25% off in the range so were only 83p each !) If you have handpicked the blackberrries you need to pop them in a bowl, cover with water and add a teaspoon of salt ( this will draw out any bugs !) then rinse a few times and you are ready to use them ! Put the blackberries and sugar in a pan and over a low heat leave them to simmer - I left mine about 10-15 minutes until all the fruit was going mushy! Pour your gin into a bowl and put a sieve over the top Pour your blackberry and sugar mixture into the sieve and using a spoon push it down against the mesh ! Once all the juice has ran into your gin, get rid of the mush left in your sieve ( or put it on top of some ice cream 😂) I then poured the gin and blackberry sugar mix into a jug and decanted into my bottles Can be used starlight away and will Keep for a month ! I had it with fever tree elderflower tonic and masses of ice and it was like drinking fizzy pop 😂😂😂I 

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