Cheats quiche or qwish as Zaizy called it 😂

Zak decided today that he wanted to help make some food for his birthday 'tea'. I couldn't really think of anything for him to make that would last until Sunday so opted for very easy cheats quiche ( as I knew I could freeze them and re heat when we needed them !) Obviously if you'd like to make your own pastry you can ( or cheat now and wait for the new afternoon tea booklet where all things pastry are covered 😉) but I'm in the middle of work, struggling to juggle everything with summer holidays so we cheated and used a ready made savoury pastry case ( do NOT buy sweet pastry case for a quiche !) INGREDIENTS 

Savoury pastry case 3 eggs 1/2 a carton of cream ( double or single I use whatever I have in 😉) 125 MLS of milk 100 grams of grated cheese WHATEVER ELSE YOU WANT TO THROW IN !! ( these are great for using up leftover spring onions, ham slices, bacon, peppers etc !) Pre heat oven to gas mark 3 or 160degrees We had some bacon and spring onions to use up, so Zak removed the fat from the bacon ( we use scissors as so much easier ) and finally chopped the spring onions ( again with scissors ) and then gently fried them in a pan for five minutes. Mix all the other ingredients together in a bowl or jug. Take your pastry case and spread your fillings over the bottom - we only used bacon and spring onions ! Pop the pastry case onto a baking tray and then carefully pour the egg mixture on top ( this will stop you spilling it - or that's the plan 😂) We then sprinkled the top with some pepper 😉 Bake for 30-40 mins until the filling is set and has puffed up and has started turning slightly brown !

This recipe will make one quiche ( we doubled up and made two ) 

Once cooked and cooled you can portion and freeze - wrap in cling film and then pop in a sandwich bag ( perfect for packed lunches or picnics ) 

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