Blackberry picking

Every year, I check for blackberries and am always amazed at how early they seem to be in season!

If you read online most articles tell you they are in season properly in August.   Last year I'm sure I got some during the last week in June? Anyway today being the first day of the summer holiday ( and I'm trying to implement a no spend policy 😉 let's see how long it lasts !) I took the kids round the corner to our favourite blackberry picking spot and we were amazed by just how many blackberries were ripe ! 

For anyone in southport ..... pop Crossens Way In your sat nav and head over ( it's basically right at the end of the coast road opposite the Railex place 😉)

Words of advice ; make sure you have a long sleeved top on and full trousers ( not shorts) as there are loads of nettles and wear boots or wellies not flip flops as those brambles don't half hurt 😉. Oh and try to pick a day when it's not blowing a gale, as I got a bramble cut through my jeans where the wind blew it in straight into my leg ! 😳

But most importantly .... don't let the kids eat them until you get home and debug them 😉pop your blackberries in a bowl and cover with water and add some salt ( this draws out any insects or bugs ) then rinse them thoroughly !

You can freeze them so don't need to use them all at once 😉

We have made an apple and Blackberry crumble, blackberry frangipane tart and some blackberry jam .... recipes will follow 😉

Happy blackberrying 😉. 

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