Is the grass really greener?

I've just seen a video posted by a lovely cake friend of mine at a stunning venue down south and on this video she says how lucky she is to be a preferred supplier for this venue ..... and it made me a bit sad, perhaps a tad envious even 😢 So what does a preferred supplier mean ? It basically means that a venue will recommend you to all of their potential wedding clients .... so anyone who walks through their doors or attends their open days, wedding fayres etc will receive a recommendation for flowers, caterers, cake makers etc and you will be their preferred choice for who they recommend to couples. I'm no ones preferred supplier 😢 I don't network, chat or join closed social media groups ( yep it can be clicky this wedding industry lark !) , I'm not in cahoots with any venues, nor do I have best friends whom are wedding co ordinators.... I just kind of keep myself to myself. I say hello, introduce myself, am polite to everyone but besides that, I go in and do my job and set up my cakes ( I'm far too nervous assembling and levelling my cakes to be organising a knees up with Sharon on reception 😉) I think you need to put yourself out there more to become friendly with venues and obviously wedding co oridnators are going to recommend people they have an allegiance with or whom they have formed a friendship with, rather than those whose cakes they've perhaps tasted or admired? I'm not even 100% sure how it happens..... I just know I'm not a preferred supplier to anyone 😢😢 So whilst feeling sorry for myself, in that one split second of being sad, I realised that whilst I may not be anyone's ' favourite cake maker' I am actually doing a pretty good job on my own 😂( Billy no mates here !) So I had a little word with myself, pulled up my big girls pants and realised that rather than feeling sorry for myself or relying on venues to promote my business I should actually feel rather proud that I'm doing it for myself 😁 I have wedding bookings coming out of my ears, I'm turning away people each week and every single client that comes my way has done so on word of mouth recommendation or has tasted my cakes personally ! A massive thank you to everyone who says it for me: those lovely people who get my name out there and those who help promote my little single woman business by telling their nearest and dearest about my cakes ! I'm truly very grateful ! 😘 So the moral of the story ? Next time you think the grass may be greener, have a good look at your own garden .... you may just find a lemon tree down there 🍋 

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