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I always love the look of freshly baked bread, yet can never be bothered to actually bake any myself ! The fact it seems to take a full day just to get to the stage where you shove it in the oven, puts me off. However, yesterday I got the urge to give it a whirl ! I googled easy bread recipe and this was the first one that came up. It had minimal ingredients, little method and looked fab so I grabbed my flour 😉 Easy bread recipe here I hate the thought of kneeding too, so literally shoved all the ingredients in the Kmix bowl and whacked it on medium speed - I didn't have a dough hook ( probably still in the box as my bread making days are so rare 😂) so I just used the Kbeater instead. I literally left it mixing until it looked like how I'd imagine bread dough to look ( yep that technical is my bread knowledge 😂😂😂 I have no idea what to call it - but it was like a shiny glossy dough ? ) I dampened a tee towel and threw it over the top of the bowl ( didn't even grease or oil the bowl 😂) and left it to rise whilst I dropped Zaizy at a party! An hour later, my bread was looking bigger ( although I wouldn't go as far as to say it had doubled in size which is what most recipes say to wait for 😂) so I plonked it on a load of flour on my worktop and kind of squished it into a loaf type shape ...... no kneeding or technical bread forming from me 😉 just a random bread loaf type round shape. I then popped it on a baking tray ( with my trusty silicone mat Silicone mat here  )and covered with a tee towel. I didn't really know where to put it then ..... as a child I remember the airing cupboard being warm, but I don't have one! I didn't have the heating on so couldn't leave it next to a radiator either, so opted with shoving it next to the window as I figured that was about the warmest place ! It was spot on 😀An hour later my bread actually looked like a loaf 😳. I then popped it in the oven for 35 mins and voila ....... remarkably I had baked a very delicious looking loaf of bread , which actually tasted as good as it looked ! Miracle eh Definately worth a try - perhaps if you find bread making therapeutic you could do it by hand😂. But for me, I'm all about keeping my hands clean and getting the job done as quickly as possible ! Hovis needn't worry, I won't be taking their business anytime soon, but I did get immense satisfaction when the kids were eating it and will definately be making it again ........ possibly with the help of the Z's ( depends how brave I am 😂)  

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