Zak's American pancakes !

Zak's been wanting to learn how to make American pancakes since we had them on holiday in Dubai ! Last night he asked if he could make them for breakfast for everyone today......... who was I to refuse !😉

I decided to have a bit of a lie in this morning ( that means 7am haha ) and Zak popped his head in the bedroom and asked if he could start getting all the ingredients out as he'd already googled a recipe ! He'd found a recipe on wikihow which was for fluffy pancakes and by the time I'd got out of bed he had all the ingredients lined up and the scales were ready! 

I'm trying to allow him to learn by himself rather than correct him all the time whilst cooking .... so when he picked a hard boiled egg out of the fridge, I thought I'd just see how long it took him to realise 😂😂😂😂.  Wishing I'd have videoed him now !  

Anyway, the recipe was easy to follow, the pancakes were very fluffy and Zak managed to make 12 pancakes all by himself .... think it's time for him to master the full English next Sunday 😂

Link for recipe included Pancakes

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