Zak wants to cook the tea !

Who am I to refuse when he specifically keeps asking if he can cook the tea 😂

Zak has suddenly taken an interest in cooking as well as baking and I absolutely love the fact he's interested in producing meals for the family !

We started at the weekend with a moussaka, he then tried a chicken korma and tonight he's asked to make shepherds pie !

I think I may have cocked up though as I bought beef mince and I think sheperds pie is actually made with lamb mince - thus he's actually making cottage pie ! 😂. Who cares, he's making the tea ! 

Whilst I would never force the kids to learn to cook or bake ( I never made a single thing until I had the Z's ) I really love the fact they are willingly asking to learn and actively want to help out in the kitchen ! 

Now to decide what he's going to make for tea tomorrow 😉

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