I'm absolutely delighted to say that the new Eazy Bakes booklet is now available to buy 😊. Following on from the massive success of the Easter booklet we are now launching our picnic and party food booklet !! (Be quick as it sold out last time 😉)

Zak and Zaizy love what we call 'picky food' which is basically a cross between food that you would have at a party and picky bits that you have on a Saturday night whilst watching X factor .... hence the theme of the new booklet ❤

This new booklet is a selection of savoury and sweet recipes, healthy alternatives and a very cute showstopper cake ! All the recipes can be eaten hot or cold and are perfect for packed lunches and can be made in advance !

We've also tried to create this booklet so it's suitable for special diets and have adapted the recipes so we can provide a vegan version too ❤ On top of that, we've introduced a deluxe version..... nothing posh or rip off, it just means you don't have to trawl the shops to buy things as we will include it all in your pack 😉 saves on petrol, parking and buying things that you may never use again 😉

Everyone knows our story by now, but the top and bottom of it is, that I'm a single mum who is just trying my upmost to work my backside off to provide a better future for my kids.

It's so hard as a small business to keep a fb page in people's news feeds, I don't advertise anywhere and I rely purely on word of mouth recommendations .... so if I can be a bit cringey, please would you take one minute to help myself and the Z's by sharing this post ! For every share, we could potentially get another 5 likers, which is amazing for a Small business like ours 😉

Booklets are available to buy from www.eazybakes.co.uk ( but please type this into your search engine don't copy and paste this link as fb hates businesses trying to make a living 😉)

And once again a massive thank you for the amazing support we receive daily.........Zak, Zaizy and myself are so very grateful ❤l

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