Crispy chicken nuggets

So tonight I'm sharing my very own Eazy Baker ....... Zaki boy ❤️ One of the recipes in the new picnic party food is for a healthy crispy chicken nugget recipe and Zak is obsessed with making these now ! He makes them by himself, for our lunch or tea at least once every week ! ( even had them cold in packed lunch the next day ... only because I saved some as both Col and Zak say these are now their favourite meal 🙄) We have made them with tofu, quorn, chicken, turkey ... you name it 😂 ( vegan and dairy free option in the vegan book ) I know this is a kids baking booklet but we wanted to make it useful too ..... what's more useful than a ten year old being able to make the tea by themselves lol 😂. We've tried to make this booklet healthy and fun and most of all suitable for all ages - Zaizy has done these by herself with very little help from me and she's only six 😉. So the recipes really are suitable from two years with assistance up to teenagers who can be left alone in the kitchen ! I'm hoping we can inspire and encourage others that baking and cooking doesn't need to be daunting, time consuming or expensive ! 😉 If you've not yet ordered .... be quick as the first print run is selling fast ❤️. Thank you so much to everyone supporting us !

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