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Save the most money, buy the two pack  containing both the recipe book and the recipe journal.




Food for all the family is our fantastic new book filled with recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, gifted to myself by lots of my lovely followers, family and friends.  Its a collection of fail safe meals and bakes that have been lovingly made over and over and that are guarenteed to work every time !


There are main meals, starters, desserts, cakes and tray bakes featured in this book, so a good mixture of everything! 


I feel incredibly honoured that people have allowed me to use their family recipes and have loved reading the tales and memories that come with them.  I have tried to keep the recipes as authentic as possible and therefore have provided a conversion chart at the start of the book as a lot of these recipes are over fifty years old and were written in old school measurements !


I hope you enjoy the recipes in this book as much as we have done whilst making everything !




Have you ever made a real nice meal, or baked a fantastic cake and the next time you go to make it, you cant find where you got the recipe from?

Wished you had written down your grandmas best pastry recipe? or just thought it would be nice to start a recipe book that you could pass down to your children and grandchildren?

Well this journal is the answer!  


A fab spiral bound recipe journal where you can store all your favourite recipes, make notes on what works and what doesnt and list things that you have made and wish to make again !


This recipe journal is the perfect size to fit in your kitchen drawer ( lets face it, thats where its likely to be shoved !) and contains enough pages to hold your most treasured recipes.  Its a fantastic gift to self, or perfect as a little pressie for someone you want to inspire to get cooking more !




£10 BEST DEAL - Complete Set