My Story

- 5 YEARS ON -

5 years ago my life was in tatters, or so I thought at the time. (I now truly believe everything happens for a reason). My marriage had turned into a shambles, my husband had gone, I had 2 kids, no help, no money and no job ( I'd previously worked at Alder Hey but with no childcare I couldn't go back to working shifts or working regular hours full stop ) ......... and then I had a bright idea that rather than be on the dole, I'd try to make cakes.

It was a mad idea, I had no money .... I bought a cutter and a gel colour every week as that's all I could afford, but I just wanted to try. I had no financial backing, no fancy shop and zero experience or training. (Must have had a Pinot or two when I made that cake making decision)

I was literally on the bones of my backside ( it's a scouse term that means skint). Zak would come home from school with a letter for a school trip and my mum would instantly pop an envelope with the ' voluntary contribution' in it, so I didn't have to worry about where I'd find £12.50 from. I sold cupcakes for 50p each just to get people to buy my cakes. I made hardly any profit, but I was supporting my kids and doing the best I could and surviving. I just needed to work and do something that fitted round the 2 Z's - cakes were my salvation and the only employment choice I had !

Anyway the rest is history - it's been the most intense, hard slog ever ( mainly due to my daily FB rambles lol ) but I never once in my wildest dreams thought I'd be where I am now. My childcare situation is still the same ( I'm juggling kids and cake daily), and I get zero financial assistance - but oh my word, I feel so proud and so fortunate that I'm doing it on my own and I'm working my backside off to provide such a lovely little life for me and the 2 Z's !

I've been dealt a wonderful hand of cards, and am overwhelmed by the amount of love and support we receive. Without being cheesy or cringey, I do not know what we would do without you lot.

Its been the most fantastic 5 years; you've kept a roof over our heads by buying my cakes, you've shown you love Raymondo as much as me, you welcomed my niece Amy when she started work ( just gutted no one started a campaign to stop her going to college and do an apprenticeship with me instead) and you've supported me when I've had the occasional keyboard warrior / internet troll (I appear to be a crank magnet not just with ex husbands then) but seriously, there is always someone posting something lovely to brighten up a crappy day !